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Stop wage garnishments

The IRS is aggressive.

When the IRS garnishes your wages, you’ll be surprised at how much money they’re allowed to take. People often think that the government can take only a certain percentage of your paycheck…but the truth is, there’s no limit to what they can take.

Having your wages garnished because of tax debt is a serious matter. Wage garnishments can cause severe financial distress that could lead to further debt and/or exorbitant penalties from the IRS.

This is not something you should try to handle on your own.

When you hire us to reduce your tax debt, the first thing we’ll do is pursue a “Stay of Enforcement,” which means that the IRS can’t take any money or seize any of your assets. This protects you and buys us enough time to get your wage garnishment released.

Then, we’ll get to work renegotiating your debt and lowering the amount you owe by using solutions such as an installment agreement or an offer in compromise.

The sooner you contact us, the better chance we’ll have of getting your wage garnishment released.

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