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Prevent property seizure

It’s your tax-debt nightmare:

Having the IRS seize your home due to back taxes.

The threat of property seizure is terrifying and, unfortunately, all too real. The IRS can absolutely seize your home. In fact, many people don’t know this, but the IRS can even collect from your retirement accounts! Can you imagine how it would feel to lose your home and your retirement nest egg?

Luckily, there’s hope.

We can help lift a lien on your home, giving you the power and freedom to refinance (lowering your payment so you can keep your home) or sell your home (giving you a flood of cash). Either way, the value of your home stays where it belongs—with you.

This procedure isn’t easy, however. It requires precise analysis, preparation, and execution. You’ll definitely want to consult an expert to help you through this process.

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