Do you need help with IRS problems and notices?

I am a CPA with 20 years’ experience. I live in the Carolinas and a native of South Carolina. I can assist anywhere with offices in South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.

I can obtain settlement, file back taxes, iron out state and federal problems, which can assist in relieving the pressure you may be feeling.

If you are looking for local representation with references to meet face to face for a free consultation, I would be glad to provide this service. I am not a salesman over the phone or out of state, but I can negotiate on your behalf to set up a payment plan if needed. Under certain conditions reduced penalties and interest and make offers and compromise to the IRS.

Guarantees of pennies on the dollar debt relief cannot be made and are often untrue. I can provide realistic expectations and have alternatives to assist with liens and levies with reasonable fees.